DACKS Delivers the newest type 308,000DWT VLCC
Release Date:2020-09-01 Number:

The 308,000DWT VLCC M.V. “Yuan Kun Yang 遠鯤洋”was successfully named, and delivered to COSCO SHIPPING ENERGY. Mr. Zhu Maijin, President of COSCO SHIPPING ENERGY, Mr. Li Yiwen, Party Secretary of CHI, attended the naming ceremony. Mr. Xu Weiming, President of DACKS, delivered a speech expressing the hearty gratitude to the great support and help from the ship owner, classification, and all friends across the industry. He further expressed that the M.V. “Yuan Kun Yang 遠鯤洋” would brought great fortune to the ship owner, and glory to the shipyard after its operation.


The M.V. “Yuan Kun Yang 遠鯤洋” is 333 meters in length, 30 meters in depth, with a design speed of 15.5 knots. Optimized from the former VLCCs, it is the newest-type of energy-saving and intelligent VLCC of DACKS.

The ship's main propulsion system uses a variety of new energy saving measures such as the adoption of Half Dome, Eel Ball rudder system, maximizes the matching of the main engine and the propeller, boosting the propulsion efficiency of the power system, and improve the economics of ship running.

The ship is equipped with green G-type main engine, an up-to-date super-long-host main engine, with the feature of low fuel oil consumption, sufficient power supply, and stable running, further reducing the fuel consumption rate under certain load. Through the Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) system and the Selective Catalytic Reduction Waste Gas Treatment (SCR) system for power generation diesel, nitrogen oxide emissions from ship exhaust gases can be greatly reduced to meet the world's most stringent Tier III emission regulations. Green ship entry symbol, to meet the CSSCODE Convention, the Hong Kong Convention, the latest entry into force of ballast water convention, the use of anti-fouling paint, sewage management, ballast water management, onshore power system, ship-breaking management, etc. to optimize, become the latest generation of the full life cycle "Environmentally friendly" ultra-large tankers.

For the first time, the ship utilizes an intelligent energy efficiency system and applies multiple smart symbols from the LR class. Intelligent energy efficiency system mainly provides ship speed optimization, tilt optimization, host evaluation, energy efficiency analysis, bottom analysis and other functions to simplify ship operation and management, reduce the full life cycle of the ship's operating costs.

The ship was also equipped with a satellite television system and a number of satellite communications systems to ensure that crew members could communicate normally with shore during ocean voyages and to watch television programs in their spare time, allowing crew members to live on board as if they were on land, further improving the lives of crew members.

By optimizing the line type and hull structure, the weight of empty ships is reasonably reduced, the lightweight design is realized to the maximum extent, and the cabin capacity is maximized. Through these new optimizations and the original design advantages of the ship type, DACKS built and delivered the M.V. “Yuan Kun Yang 遠鯤洋” is thousands of tons higher in deadweight tonnage than the same types designed in the same period of the market.

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