New year celebration with the naming ceremony of 20,000TEU containership of DACKS
Release Date:2019-01-11 Number:

Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,Ltd. (DACKS) celebrated the naming ceremony of her sencond 20,000 TEUcontainership on Jan 11, 2019. The eventful ceremony gathered distinguishedguests, including Mr. Qian Weizhong, Secretary of Party Leadership of COSCON,Mr. Gu Zhongdong, Vice president of COSCON, Mr. Fan Guibing, Manager of LRDalian, Mr. Wang Baochun, Vice President of CCS Dalian, Mr. Li Yiwen, Secretaryof Party Leadership of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry,  and Mr. Han Chengmin, Vice President of COSCOShipping Heavy Industry. Ms. Chen Xiang, the sponsor who named and cut the cordfor the newly-built vessel.

M.V. “COSCO SHIPPING PISCES”, withlength of 400m, width of 58.6m, depth of 30.7m, maximum deadweight of 197,000T,and design speed of 22.5 knots, is built for COSCO Shipping Lines, and is oneof the largest containerships in the world. The ship, equipped with performancemonitoring system, boasts an array of advantages, such as high containerloading capability, low consumption, high intelligence, and high adaptabilityto port. The ship is yet leading the market by the world-class loadingcapability, operation speed, and the safety performance index; whereas theenergy consumption level of the ship is much lower than those of the same scalein the market, with the energy efficiency index 50% lower than the baseline,and it reaches the international emission standards a decade later. The systemusing LNG fuel is reserved on the ship to meet the future modification needs oflarge LNG fuel tanks on certain routes. The ship obtains the green shipclassification symbol and binding-force-calculation classification symbol ofspecial routes, and also meets numerous conventions, including CSS CODEConvention, the Hong Kong Convention, and the latest BWTS Convention. Thelarge-scale vessel achieves the goal of full-life-circle eco-friendlycontainership, by applying anti-fouling paint, sewage treatment management,garbage treatment management, Oil pollution control, BWTM, shore power system,Demolition management, and other optimal measures.

M.V. “COSCO SHIPPING PISCES” is the majorachievement of DACKS to promote intelligent manufacturing and intelligent ships.The vessel equipped with an intelligent energy efficiency management system,has realized all-around energy efficiency monitoring and management includingfuel management, energy efficiency monitoring, navigation report, trimoptimization and ship speed optimization. The "one-man bridgebuilding" technology realizes the interconnection of navigation equipment,and greatly improves the intelligent level, and realizes one-man operation andcomputer management. Through the marine route optimization system, themathematical model with the previous voyage data analysis, the optimal speedand route can be achieved by intelligent planning, The speed optimizationdecision and the intelligent control of decision execution can be achievedthrough Voyages+. The application of intelligent technology makes " COSCOSHIPPING PISCES " become a new generation of "intelligent ship".Meanwhile, during the construction of the ship, DACKS is also vigorouslypromoting intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent equipment, such ascomprehensive printer, group welding robot and intelligent welding robot, hasbeen enabled to greatly improve the construction efficiency and constructionquality of the ship.