First 5G Duel-cranes in the Domestic Shipbuilding Industry--DACKS Launches 5G Project
Release Date:2022-08-23 Number:

        Recently, DACKS launched the first 5G Duel-cranes in the domestic shipbuilding industry, which marked her significant achievement in digital shipbuilding.

DACKS and China Mobile set up the 5G project Duel-cranes. 5G technology has the characteristics of safety, stability, strong anti-interference ability and fast data transmission, which is the first application in the shipbuilding industry on the gantry crane lifting equipment, avoiding the problem of sudden shutdown caused by unexpected interference during the operation of the lifting equipment. It greatly improves the efficiency and safety of the block assembly in the dock and ensures continuous, stable and reliable production operation.

The gantry crane is the most important large lifting equipment for shipbuilding. To improve the loading capacity of the gantry crane when hoisting large blocks, one operator usually operates two cranes simultaneously, and the transmission of operation instructions adopts wireless communication mode. If communication problems occur during operation, the crane will stop abruptly, causing the blocks to shake. The main beam structure is subjected to great impact load and has great safety risks. DACKS 5G Dual-crane project makes full use of the low delay characteristics of a 5G network, combined with the data security characteristics of a 5G private network and 5G data technology, under the premise of ensuring data security, the stability and anti-interference of 800t gantry cranes data transmission is realized. With the advantages of China Mobile's proprietary communication channel, combined with DNN technology, SA networking is carried out to meet the requirements of the dual-crane operation. With the help of 5G technology, the disadvantages of industrial bridges and wired network transmission are avoided, and production safety, efficiency, quality and intelligent shipbuilding are improved.

Powered by 5G, digital and intelligent shipbuilding was achieved. DACKS took the lead in opening 5G signals in November 2019, becoming the first batch of enterprises in Dalian to cover 5G signals. The company's 5G signal has achieved 100% full coverage, and the technical application of 5G enabling industrialization has achieved many results. In November 2019, the first 5G project 3D outfitting visualization project landed, and with the help of large 5 G bandwidth and low delay, 3D outfitting visualization application was realized for the first time in the shipbuilding industry in Liaoning Province, and real-time transmission of 3D images could be achieved at the shipbuilding site. In August 2020, DACKS took the lead in the industry to achieve 5G signal coverage in the cabin of a 100,000-ton large ship under construction, solving the historical problem of no signal in the closed cabin.

DACKS has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation-driven development philosophy and has continued to promote intelligent ship manufacturing. Through the completion and operation of 20 automatic and intelligent production lines, such as Full Printer Machine, and Welding Robot Production Line, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the quality of products has been stable and reliable. Based on maintaining the possession and advanced nature of core technologies at the international first-class level, comply with the new trend of development of green, low-carbon and intelligent shipping industry, promote the research and development of green ships, continue to maintain the leading position of the industry, and help Dalian to build a new highland of high-end Marine equipment manufacturing industry. At the recent 8th Dalian Mayor Quality Award Conference, DACKS won the Dalian Mayor Quality Award.