First Order with Independent Design
Release Date:2022-10-27 Number:

MOL announced an order with KHI of two 309,000 DWT LNG powered VLCCs, which will be built by DACKS. This is the largest LNG-powered VLCC and the first time for DACKS to undertake LNG-powered VLCC order, and DACKS became the fourth shipyard to build DF VLCCs. DACKS entered the green ship design and construction field, achieving the " zero " breakthrough.

The two vessels are about 339.5 meters long, 60 meters wide, and have a deadweight of about 309,000 tons, meeting the requirements of Phase 3 of the Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index. The ship is equipped with a dual-fuel main engine capable of using LNG and low-sulfur fuel oil, which can reduce CO2 emissions by about 25-30%, sulfur oxide emissions by about 100%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by about 85% when using LNG fuel compared to conventional powered ships.

DACKS is a joint venture of COSCO Shipping Group and KHI, adhering to "world-class ships by world-class shipyard". DACKS commits to green, digital, intelligent high-quality development. By undertaking the DF VLCC order, the market fully recognizes the comprehensive construction strength of DACKS. DACKS will earnestly implement the "14th Five-Year" development plan of CHI, take this order as an opportunity to actively transform to new energy vessels, further cultivate green shipbuilding, constantly improve independent innovation capabilities, accelerate digital transformation, and strive to become the best provider of global maritime logistics carriers, and contribute to "green shipping".