First 64,000 DWT Bulk Carriers are Delivered
Release Date:2022-09-09 Number:

On September 9, DACKS celebrated the cloud naming ceremony of the first batch of 64,000 DWT bulk carriers built for a domestic ship owner, a long cooperated customer. The four 64,000 DWT bulk carriers built by DACKS and NACKS for this ship owner were successfully delivered.

The ship is 199.9 meters long, 32.24 meters wide, 19.4 meters deep, and the designed speed is 15.6 knots. It is the first type of ship further optimized based on the 58,000 DWT and 61,000 DWT bulk carriers designed and built by DACKS. This ship type meets the requirements of the EEDI Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index's third stage, further promotes the renewal and upgrading of the bulk carrier products, and creates a new opportunity for the company's high-quality development.

During the vessel's construction, DACKS experienced many difficulties, such as multiple epidemics, limited personnel flow, and poor material supply. DACKS adhered to the customer first, and under the premise of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, coordinated with various parties, continued to insist on the goal of ensuring delivery of the ships, and advanced under pressure to ensure that the two ships were delivered ahead of the contract delivery time. DACKS, as always, with high-quality projects and quality service, promises to return the trust and love of customers. Through this round of smooth delivery, the two parties will continue to deepen all-round friendly cooperation and create a better future.