DACKS Creates the New Mode of Building 24,188 TEU Container Ships Continuously in Two Docks
Release Date:2023-04-08 Number:

  DACKS successfully launched another 24,188 TEU Container Ship (DE125) in the worm spring on April 8, 2023. The vessel is the second 24,188 TEU Container Ship launched in DACKS, marking the start of a new mode of continuous construction of the world's largest container ships in two docks.

  The 24,188 TEU container ship launched this time is the key ship type for transforming and upgrading the shipbuilding industry in Liaoning Province. As the top product of the shipbuilding industry, it represents the highest level of the shipbuilding industry in China and the world.

  The 24,188 TEU container ship has a total length of 399.99 meters, a width of 61.3 meters, and a depth of 33.2 meters, one of the world's largest container ships. DACKS has independent intellectual property rights of this ship type. Compared with similar ships in the market, the vessel has introduced low resistance line optimization, adopted a self-developed intelligent safety management system for the whole life cycle of hull structure, and double bundling lashing for 45-foot containers. It has installed various energy-saving devices, such as the newly developed energy-saving bulbous bow and propeller front duct. Equipped with the world's largest efficient permanent magnet shaft generator system capacity. Through the application of a series of new technologies, the ship has the significant advantages of green energy saving, large loading capacity, and high intelligence, and the indicators of fuel consumption, container load, operation speed, and safety have reached the world's advanced level.