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    Corporate Mission World-class Ships by World-class Shipyard.

    World-class shipyard: a digital, intelligent and green shipyard

    World-class ships: safer, greener, more efficient and more intelligent ship products and related services.

    DACKS strives to solidify the foundation, continuously innovate, and make digital, intelligent and green development. With the mission of building a world-class shipyard, DACKS leads the industry with technology, and establishes the core competitiveness with quality. By optimizing the technical performance and diversity of the products, DACKS provides safer, greener, more efficient and intelligent ship products and related services to global customers.

    Corporate Vision: To be the Best Carrier Provider of Global Marine Logistics

    Carrier Provider of Marine Logistics: Ocean shipping carriers and related services.

    Guided by the market demand, through continuous improvement of research and development, and construction capabilities, DACKS provides customers with safer, greener, more efficient and intelligent ocean shipping vessels and related services. Continuously solidifying the competitiveness of ship products and services, and comprehensively enhancing the comprehensive strength and industry status, DACKS strives to be the best carrier provider and partner of global marine logistics. DACKS aims to create value for customers, win returns for shareholders, seek happiness for employees, and take responsibility for society.

    Corporate Value: Dedication Oriented, Customer First, Lean Standard, Collaborative Innovation, Mutual Benefit with Green Philosophy.

    Dedication Oriented: With people-oriented in mind, DACKS provides a good platform for employees to realize their value. By stimulating and mobilizing initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, all staff can achieve career honor and happiness through their hard work, which realizes the mutual development of both the staff and the company.

    Customer First: DACKS emphasizes reputation, integrity and service.  With all customers’ needs first, DACKS provides customers with the best products and services. "Customer" includes the shipowners, and all the potential service objects, such as departments of the shipyard and the relevant working processes.

    Lean Standard: DACKS emphasizes professionalism, standard, and excellence. Through lean design, lean manufacturing, lean management, DACKS makes continuous improvements, and provides better ship products and timely services to customers. DACKS establishes systematic, scientific, and complete systems, benchmarks, processes and technology, etc., to achieve standardized management and operations.

    Collaborative Innovation: Taking the company as the main body, guided by the market demand, DACKS gives full play to the advantages of shareholders. DACKS integrates upstream and downstream resources with overall awareness. Corporate innovation is driven by the collaboration in DACKS.

    Mutual Benefit with Green Philosophy: Adhering to green shipbuilding and green ships. we Live in harmony with nature, and create a low-carbon and efficient shipbuilding ecology. DACKS emphasizes good cooperation with relevant parties, by working together with customers, suppliers and employees, which forms an optimal, perfect and stable supply chain, and achieves a multi-party win-win situation. We take social responsibility with practical actions, and extend the corporate value to a wider range of fields.

    We attach importance to the role of "people", and realize the development of employees and the company. Taking customer demand as the priority, through lean and standardized management, collaborative innovation, mutual benefit with green philosophy and sustainable development, we gather the strength of all employees and relevant parties to practice the mission of “world-class ships by world-class shipyard”, and strive to be the best carrier provider of global marine logistics, and to create value for customers, shareholders, employees, and society.